In the Darkness we will survive

mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010


Hey folks,
we know, we haven't used this blog since forever but we're now gonna try to update this more regularly.

Here is a massive update.

First thing, our new album "SOLVE ET COAGULA" has been released by SOUTHERN LORD on September 28th. If you don't have it yet, be quick and get your copy here:
or (CD+Shirts)

LP should be out in the next few weeks as well so please be patient.


*Rock Sound Magazine (8/10) "It’s this synthesis of brooding atmosphere and pure nihilistic rage that grants The Secret their edge, making ‘Solve Et Coagula’ essential listening."

* (album of the day) "So fucking awesome. Heavy music obsessives of all stripes (black, doom, post, crust) should for sure check this out…"

*Room Thirteen (11/13) "For grind enthusiasts this record is a must; dark, brooding, fast, nasty and really excellent, making you remember all your favourite old school bands but also fixing your eyes firmly on the future"

*Exclaim Magazine - "From their creepy imagery and dark atmosphere to a self-defined "pro-cacophony" motivation, Italy's the Secret are everything we've been loving and longing for since the dissolution of Toronto, ON's purveyors of abrasion Cursed."

*Impure Lard - "I can't remember the last time an album has completely surpassed every preconceived expectation that I've had for it. HOLY FUCK! I thought their previous release Disintoxication was good but wow...this is on a completely different level of brutality"

*Sleeping Shaman - "Technically, this is blunt-nosed ferocity at its finest - frantic-paced powerhouse drumming, circling, scything post-Gothenburg-underground guitars and other-wordly bellowing howl like a werewolf hungry for blood."

*Rumore Magazine (8/10)

* (8/10)

*MOA Webzine (8/10)

*Metalitalia (8/10)

*Music-scan (DE) (8/10)

*Neuroprison (

*In Your Eyes Zine (

In other news, Tommaso Corte is our new drummer and he's fucking great. Come check him out behind the drum kit on our upcoming shows you will find on .

More big news are coming, stay tuned and worship.

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2010

Fuck 2009

Hey folks, 

happy new year.

A lot of stuff is happening these days. 

We're working on the few last details of our upcoming record "Solve et Coagula", we completed 10 songs and we're working on few more. I don't want to spend too many words trying to describe how it's gonna sound like or anything like that but we'll be playing a big part of the new record live on our winter shows across Italy so just show up and decide by yourself.

After 2 releases with mighty Goodfellow Records we moved to a new label. 

Working with Goodfellow has been just great, Chris Logan is one the coolest people we ever met and we will be forever proud of being label mates of great and influential bands as Cursed and many more.

An official announcement is gonna be made in the next days, expect the best, seriously.

After working with american new hope for metal design Justin Bartlett we'll be working with Thomas Hooper  for new merchandise.

Thomas Hooper is one of most creative graphic/tattoo artists around, if you don't know him, check out his works on his website , you're gonna be blown away.

Ah, my old JCM800 is fucked, thanx to Marco from Robert of the Square for letting me use his amp and be able to play next shows.

This is a list of the things we care about/enjoyed in 2009. It's been a weird year. Many things happened, the best and the worst. 


*The Desert




*Seattle, WA

*EARLY GRAVES music and dudes + shotgunning beers with Chris Brock

*MURDERFEST 2009, Los Angeles, CA

*SUNN o))) live in Verona



*Roman Polanski

*Justin Bartlett

*Hollywood, CA


*Austin, TX

*MOOG Moogerfooger Analog Delay

*New Orleans, LO

*SUNN O))) – Monoliths and Dimensions

*Choosing Death by A. Mundrian

*KHANATE – Clean hands go foul

*OM – God is Good

*Burritos @ El Balazo






*BARONESS – Blue album

*AETHENOR – Faking Gold and Murder

*TOMBS – Winter’s Hour + dudes + show with them in Vicenza




*Leviathan - "Massive conspiracy against all life"

*Anton La Vey

*Black Sabbath

*California medical weed


*Gibson Guitars

*Writing Solve et Coagula



*American Breakfast

*Woody Allen

*Cohen Brothers

*Summer dinner parties at my flat with little Mike

*Whiskey shots

*Juice Bar in Trieste







*blast beat

*playing at murderfest 09(california) 


*SKITSYSTEM stigmata 

*SUNN O))) – Monoliths and Dimensions 

*writing new album SOLVE ET COAGULA 

*BARONESS blue album 

*MAMMOTH GRINDER Extinction of Humanity 

*AFGRUND - vid helvetets grindar

sabato 19 dicembre 2009


Hey folks, 
Justin Bartlett just finished the design for our new T-shirt.
Check out his website for more amazing art. We hope to work with him again in the future.
The shirts will be available at our January and February shows around Italy.
Some more shows have just been added to the list.

Jan 8 - Mantova @ Arci Tom + Colossal Monument
Jan 9 - Torino @ United Club + Cripple Bastards
Jan 10- Arese (MI) @ + Abel is Dying
Jan 15 - Bolzano @ Pippo Stage
Jan 16 - Innsbruck @ PMK
Jan 22 - Torino @ Padiglione 14 - DEAD UP TOUR 
Jan 23 - Bardolino (VR) @ Rensi Club - DEAD UP TOUR
Jan 30 - Roncade (TV) @ New Age Club - DEAD UP TOUR
Feb 6 - Pinarella di Cervia (RA) @ Rock Planet - DEAD UP TOUR

Salvation is hallucination

martedì 1 dicembre 2009


Hey folks, 
we will start the new year playing a bunch of shows all around Italy with our old friends Dufresne and Slowmotion Apocalypse.
For the moment we have just confirmed 4 shows:

Jan 15 @ TBC, Bolzano IT + Slowmotion Apocalypse
Jan 16 @ PMK, Innsbruck AU + Slowmotion Apocalypse

Jan 23 @ Rensi Club, Bardolino (VR) + Dufresne + Slowmotion Apocalypse
Jan 30 @ New Age Club, Roncade (TV) IT + Dufresne + Slowmotion Apocalypse

more shows will follow.

Salvation is hallucination. Worship.

mercoledì 18 novembre 2009

The Secret and Justin Bartlett

Hey folks, 
We teamed up with kvlt black metal grime master Justin Bartlett for our new merchandise.
He worked with some great bands as Sunn o))), Gorgoroth, Aura Noir, Trap Them and many many more.

Check out his website and worship.

We're also gonna work with another of our favorite artists so stay tuned for more news.

Salvation in hallucination.


venerdì 6 novembre 2009

New album, new merchandise

Hey folks, 
some juicy news from The Secret camp.

Right now we're finishing the writing process of our next full lenght that will be called "Solve et Coagula".
At the moment we have 10 songs and we worked on the pre-production with our longtime friend and Amia Venera Landscape mastermind Enrico Uliana.
We're still trying to develop other ideas but the album should be finished soon.
Expect our darker and mightier material to date.

We're gonna play a bunch of new songs on our next shows so don't miss us in a town near yours to taste a sip of our new production.

We're also gonna print some new merchandise soon. We decided to work with some of our favourite artists so check our myspace, twitter, facebook pages to stay up to date.
We just reprinted Seldon Hunt "Valhalla" shirt in new colors so check our our webstore for shirts and tote bags.


Don't forget to follow us on TWITTER for news and pictures



venerdì 9 gennaio 2009


It seems it's rolling. 

giovedì 11 dicembre 2008

This is the Truth

The vinyl version is the next thing to do on the secret agenda, for the moment check out the images of the end.

Where it ends

More juicy news are coming.

giovedì 11 settembre 2008

Happy 9/11 America

I use to read newspapers sometimes. It happens that I feel very worried reading those lines. I can say that it happens all the time. That's why I try not to read that crap, or at least I try not to become nervous. But it's difficult. Sometimes it is very difficult, because I think to all of those people who read it and think that those words are the truth. I can't understand how someone can even pay for that garbage, it's like eating a rotten sandwich saying that is good.

What is wrong with you?

What is your fucking problem?

Fortunately there's some good sandwiches around.

I also use to talk with people sometimes. Just to understand what they think. I listen, I don't say nothing to them. They like it and they continue to talk and talk and talk. When they think they have talked enough they stop, waiting for a reply, or a word or something like that, they want to know what I think about the argument just exposed. It seems that they're pretty much confused when I don't say nothing about. They need to know something, but I have no word to explain what I feel for them. I hope that someone will understand that all those wasted words just said are unnecessary. As advertising on the walls. As a collision of protons. As the words that they read on their newspapers.

I feel quiet because there's no words on papers about our new songs online, for now at least, I feel free from this. Anyway, if we're lucky enough those new tracks will be on an obsolete support known as vinyl. We're trying to do it. I've always wished to see my music turn fast.

Misantropy will save us.


martedì 19 agosto 2008

one two one two check

This is the beginning of the end probably. Yes, probably. Probably not. Maybe this is just an isolated case of "inspiration" during another sleepless night. But it seems that sleeping is not very trendy lately so here I am. Very Trendy Lately. Fuck trends, my life is ruined because of this word. Word. So if you're into trends keep reading. If not let's give a chance. Maybe you will find some good stuff to talk about with your friends and relatives. Well, probably not. For sure not with your relatives.

It's not to be arrogant or something like that, it's just because I can't understand why someone feel the need to know someone or something about someone. I don't feel the need to know something about you, I'm pretty busy to understand why you want to know something about me at the moment. But don't hate me for this, I will do it. Probably. It's all about time as someone say.

Anyway, we're currently in the process of writing some new songs and we're going to record two of them in a couple of weeks. I can say that I'm pretty excited for this, we really want to spread the disease this time. That's all for the moment. Get ready for something sweet.

Good night.

Probably not.