In the Darkness we will survive

martedì 19 agosto 2008

one two one two check

This is the beginning of the end probably. Yes, probably. Probably not. Maybe this is just an isolated case of "inspiration" during another sleepless night. But it seems that sleeping is not very trendy lately so here I am. Very Trendy Lately. Fuck trends, my life is ruined because of this word. Word. So if you're into trends keep reading. If not let's give a chance. Maybe you will find some good stuff to talk about with your friends and relatives. Well, probably not. For sure not with your relatives.

It's not to be arrogant or something like that, it's just because I can't understand why someone feel the need to know someone or something about someone. I don't feel the need to know something about you, I'm pretty busy to understand why you want to know something about me at the moment. But don't hate me for this, I will do it. Probably. It's all about time as someone say.

Anyway, we're currently in the process of writing some new songs and we're going to record two of them in a couple of weeks. I can say that I'm pretty excited for this, we really want to spread the disease this time. That's all for the moment. Get ready for something sweet.

Good night.

Probably not.

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